Sunday, February 24, 2008

State of the House're probably wondering why I haven't posted anymore on my whole organization/housecleaning schedule. Well...I fell of the horse. I broke a few bones. I sat and wallowed in my misery. Ugh.

SOOOOOOO....tomorrow is Monday. The day for fresh starts. I plan on getting off my butt and getting back ON the horse I vowed I would ride throughout the rest of this year. I have several goals in mind:

1. My home to be clean/straightened every day by the time Mike gets home from work.

2. To do at LEAST one load of laundry a day so that I'm not catching up on the weekends.

3. Take care of the contacts I need to make FIRST before doing any other thing that needs to be done. I have several phone calls and appts that need to be made that I have put off too long...

I think that's a pretty decent start. Next week I hope to add the declutter calendar to my list. It's such an easy tool I need to USE IT!!

Hey...who knows...maybe one day I'll have my life so organized I can schedule time to blog every day...ok ok...I'll stick with my three goals above...heh

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Dan & Tammy said...

I am thinking about you and wishing you luck as you start sticking to your goals. I have a daily chore chart posted on my fridge that I keep telling myself I will start "This week!" Praying you reach your goals. :)