Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

And bring in some cooler fall temps while you're at it!! :) I can almost FEEL the weather getting a *teensy bit* cooler but the humidity is still there due to all of this yucky rain.

I did get to enjoy an hour or so of complete silence this morning as I sipped my coffee and read up on Exodus for my Bible Study tonight...I revel in days that I can do that lately. I know that these moments will VERY soon be over and I need to enjoy the silence for as long as possible.

Here it is 10 minutes til 3:00 and I'm blogging away while my houligan children are lying in their beds with a mandatory rest time due to their incessant need to drive me batty.

Why do I smell fire??

Pshew...okay I'm back...Blake turned the heater on on the fan in our room...sigh...I'd better go...

So here's to a sunny day tomorrow!


Monika said...

you have a heater on your fan? craziness! lol =P

Windy said...

Why do I smell fire? hahahaha.