Friday, February 20, 2009



How pitiful that it takes a comment from Bedky to make me realize that I haven't updated my blog since before Christmas.  Sad. sad. sad.

BUT...I haven't just been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  Did you know I got a job in October of last year?  Of course you did.  I probably told you...that, or you heard me screaming from my roof how thankful I was ;)

I'm working for a promotional company in the Model & Talent department.  It's a very stressful job, but also very fun work.  It makes me excited to go to work every morning which is very helpful considering I did NOT want to go back to work.  I would still rather be home and truly feel that's where God will have me end up, but He's got something in store for me at this company...there are just too many things that have happened to NOT be the case.

The family...yes...they're still happy and healthy.  Mike turns 33 tomorrow.  Crazy.  It's weird to think I'm married to someone who's in their mid-thirties...heh.  But then again *I* will be 30 this year so I'm not teasing him...much.

Jackson is WALKING!!!  I'm so not dealing with this well either.  He's into EVERYTHING :)

Blake is doing well in school and is learning how to read.

Ryley is reading like crazy and doing well in school.  If I could just keep him out of trouble we'd be doing well...heh

Did I mention that my MIL moved in?  She came up to live with us right before Christmas and has been here ever since.  Things are going really well and I couldn't ask for a better person to watch my children for me during the day.

That's about it...I'll probably update again in about a month...or 6...heehee...

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I am Emily. said...

I just love your little link over on the right that says "Pray Naked" :) I pray in the shower ALL the time!