Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Psalm 51 according to me.

Be gracious to me God, because you love me;
Because of your compassion, erase the crap I've stored up.
Wash me fully from my past and keep me clean from the sin I seem to encounter daily.
I know what I've done, and it's always on my mind.
You are the only person against who I've sinned
And done what is evil according to You,
I have made it so that you are justified when You speak
And without any blame when You act in my life.

I came into a sinful world.
But still you expect and desire truth in my heart,
And in my mind You expect me to use wisdom.
Purify my heart and I will be clean;
Forgive my mind and make me white again.
Allow me to hear all that is good,
Let the pain I feel, rejoice to know that I FEEL
Don't look at all of the dirty stuff in my heart
Clean that all out please.

I want a clean heart God
Fill me with longing for You
Keep me close
Keep your Spirit in my heart
Give me a new fire
Keep me willing to do your work
So that I can teach others about You
and they will come to know You.

Keep me from that guilty verdict
And I will sing daily of your glory
Speak through my words
So that Your name will always be praised.
It's not about how much I give up, but how my heart gives it up.
You aren't pleased with the things I do
The sacrifice is in my spirit
Only when I come before you broken and humbled
That is when you love me most.

Be good to the church Lord
Build us up.
Delight in the spirit of the work we do.
In the work and in the way we accomplish it
Our work will be lifted to You.


Windy said...

You are the next Eugene Peterson, Steph. =)

Musical Mommy said...

Haha! I seriously doubt that, but thank you for the sweetness. I can't tell you how many times I've read this passage and today it smacked me between the eyes. Gotta love God's word when it does that!

Rhonda said...

No, I think Windy is right . . . maybe not a whole paraphrase, but a chapter or two as devotionals is quite the possiblity for you. Keep writing!

Katie said...

How beautiful!