Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One redeeming quality...

Last year we bought a dog. Yes, I gushed all the way through that post about how cute he was and how special he was. Now...the dog and I aren't the best of friends...heh

He chews everything. Digs up our yard. Gets too rough (in MY opinion) with the boys (although they love it).

But last Saturday he may have redeemed himself. Well, a little bit anyway.

The boys came running in the house from the backyard yelling "Freddy caught a rat!!" Thank the LORD Mike was home. We went out back and Freddy didn't have a rat in his mouth, but he was rooting in the grass trying to get SOMETHING.

Sure enough he pulls a MOLE OUT OF THE GROUND!! So, Mike then jumps into action and gets a shovel and tries to get the mole out of Freddy's mouth. He eventually drops it and Mike takes care of the problem.

After talking to our neighbor we find that he put mole away in his yard. Great. Well, at least we have our own Mole Catcher now. :)


Windy said...

Look at you blogging away now!! This story was very funny. I'm so glad Mike was home... I freak out at lizards and roaches... I couldn't even imagine a big scary real animal!!!

Windy said...

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