Sunday, January 13, 2008

My baby's growing TOO FAST!!

I think I expected this last baby to stay an infant forever. I truly did. I don't want to see him crawl, I don't want to hear him talk. I just want to snuggle him forever :) Ok...on MOST days I want that :)

Guess what he did Saturday night? He rolled over...

Yep...only 8 weeks old and he's already rolling over. Not EVERY time, but if he gets mad enough he flips right on over. I'd have thought it was a fluke, but he's done it several times since.

*sigh* They grow up too fast.

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Windy said...

OMG! I know what you mean!!! I BAWLED as I packed up all of Zoe's NB and 0-3 month outfits into a bag when I realized it was just un-humane to try and stuff her into them any longer. =( WOW for the rolling over early though!!!