Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jackson Reed!!

I don't know if I posted his middle name earlier or not...but we had to change the spelling. Well, we didn't HAVE to, but had the hubby and I discussed it before the day he was born we would have saved ourselves the trouble :) I assumed we would spell it Reid (I WAS the one to come up with the name..heh) but I was in the shower when they came in to do his baby pictures. Because we didn't discuss the spelling, Mike had assumed it would be spelled REED. So that's what he told them and instead of worrying about it I just went with the alternate spelling :)

As for his birth story...This baby is amazing...can I just say that? He was born on November 16, 2007 at 1:49 pm. The Monday morning before he was born, I went to my final OB appt. We had been keeping a close eye on his size since my belly was HUGE and my doctor thought he was going to be a ginormous baby. My doc was ready to induce me that DAY...I however really wanted a natural experience with no drugs and since I hadn't been having regular contractions, I wasn't ready to do that.

He informed me that he didn't want me going past my due date b/c of my size. So we settled on that Friday (one day past my EDD)since he would be on call. Sure enough I went in Friday morning for my induction. I arrived at 7:45, had my water broken at 9:00, they gave me a chance to go on my own for a couple of hours and after no change started the pitocin around 11am. As SOON as they started the pitocin things started moving QUICKLY. I think I was really making my nurse nervous b/c I like to rock when I'm in labor. I was standing through most of my labor rocking back and forth while Mike held me. My sister was able to be there and she said we danced all morning :) I rocked until I was around 9cm and then got back in bed where things happened VERY quickly.

We started taking bets as to when he would be born...everyone but me thought it would be after 2:30...I said 1:45...he was born at 1:49 :) I won!! heh

Anyway, while the doctor was delivering him, Jackson's cord RIPPED! I had never heard of this happening before. My doctor said he had seen it happen, but it had never happened to him. The cord was lightly wrapped around Jackson's neck and was surprisingly short as well so the doc didn't realize it when he was trying to get the cord off his neck. I'll spare you the details here but it was rather bloody ;)

The cool part of all of this...BESIDES the fact that I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby for a third delivery nurse's husband is the pastor at a church our church helped get started. My mother/baby nurse was a girl I grew up with in youth group!! He had me completely and totally surrounded by amazing CHRISTIAN people and I was so blessed.

So that's my story. Baby Jack was born a healthy (but SMALL...heh) 7lbs. 14 oz...definitely smaller than the 10 pounder we were expecting...he's my ONLY baby that was under 8 lbs :)

So without further ado...another picture:


Windy said...

He's soooo cute!!!!! I can't wait to meet you Jackson! Steph.... add my new site to your W@H blogroll puuuleeease? Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You know, it occurrs to me that I was away when he was born. My grandmother passed away on the 16th and I wouldn't have heard the news (though I have noticed the baby pics). I so would have assumed Reed as well - never saw a Reid before. Was that a family name?