Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ready or Not?

I don't usually cover political topics here on my blog. First because I don't really get into all of the hype that surrounds political figures and their beliefs. Secondly because it's normally a topic that steps on more toes than I am willing to step on.

Today marks an interesting day in this country's existence. The invitation and arrival of a known terrorist supporter on our country's soil. The thought of it really makes me shudder. I've heard over and over how this is what makes our country so great, the ability to free speech and the ability to protest that speech if we so feel inclined. I've walked that line over the last day or so since hearing this story of understanding why they would want to hear from him all the way to the other side of being down right MAD that they would be stupid enough to invite someone like this man to our country.

I know his arrival is not being celebrated, not even by those who invited him, but at the same time, I can't help but feel sorry for those who will have to sit there and listen to this man talk about what is mentioned in this quote taken from FoxNews:

"When we take a look around us, we are not happy with what we see," Ahmadinejad said through an interpreter, via video. "Threats of war have affected everyone. Continuous wars have in fact hurt the human spirit. If we look at the root cause of some of these problems, we will be able to think about how to build a better future, a more prosperous future based on peace and security of all humanity."

This man has ADMITTED to aiding in terrorist attacks, selling weapons to Iraq that have killed OUR soldiers, and now building nuclear weapons. It is a well known fact that he is a liar and that he is as big an anti-semite as they come! He has been known to question the reality of the Holocaust by calling it a myth and wanting to wipe Israel out.

I can't help but wonder if we are hearing the antichrist himself. Our pastor is doing a sermon series right now on the end times. We've been looking at the "signs" which Christ tells us to look out for in order to know the end is coming.

To hear Columbia University's reasoning behind their invitation I wonder just how much we need to know about the enemy...quote:

"It's extremely important to know who the leaders are of countries that are your adversaries," Bollinger told ABC's "Good Morning America." "To watch them to see how they think, to see how they reason or do not reason. To see whether they're fanatical or to see whether they are sly."

Do we need to invite him onto our soil to watch him to see how he thinks or reasons? No. Ahmadinejad's idea of justice is to kill those who speak out against him. Can't we look at his actions as we know of them without having to listen to the lies that come out of his mouth?

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, is probably the only one who seems to get how stupid this whole idea is. He said, "I think he's said enough that I find disgusting and despicable." Bloomberg has stated that he will not be hearing what Ahmadinejad has to say.

"So if they say, 'Run to the country and see him arrive!' or, 'Quick, get downtown, see him come!' don't give them the time of day. The Arrival of the Son of Man isn't something you go to see. He comes like swift lightning to you! Whenever you see crowds gathering, think of carrion vultures circling, moving in, hovering over a rotting carcass. You can be quite sure that it's not the living Son of Man pulling in those crowds." Matt. 24:26-28

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Monika said...

Yeah, the antichrist overtones are strong there... he's all acting like he wants peace and blah blah blah. Crazy stuff. Great post!