Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm a payperposty!

I know several of you use Pay Per Post and I've always THOUGHT about trying it, but not until recently did I really investigate the opportunity that it provides. As of last week, I am now a Pay Per Post blog. Don't run off yet. I know that some people just run and say, "How can your blog be serious if you're trying to make money off of it?"

My response? "Was my blog ever serious to begin with?" Haha...just kidding. Why aren't you laughing?

Seriously, Pay Per Post is a great opportunity for me. Since I've been posting them I've made almost $30.00, well, once the blogs I posted are approved, I'll have made that much. In a week. Not a WHOLE lot of money, but definitely a start. I plan on using this money to buy stuff online for piano lessons and my music class with the local homeschool co-op.

It's really simple. You just check out their sponsored content, or opportunities and start posting about them. Several of the posts I've made have gotten comments...many more so then my normal blog posts, but I won't dwell on that :) So, I hope that you all continue to check out my blog and see what I'm posting about...I promise that even if I make money on the blog itself, I'll still make it fun and enjoyable to read...well, I'll try at least, I mean, I don't want to change my blog up too may wonder what happened to me?

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Madame Rubies said...

I have made more than 1000 dollars from Payperpost. :) I have also blogged for Smorty and Bloggerwave.