Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Please Pray for a dear friend of mine

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My dear friend Natalie aka Nattie just found out she has adenocarcinoma or stomach cancer. It is very rare in American women and actually is most common in non-American men over the age of 65. Nattie is a single mom to two kids and has had her fair share of troubles over the past few years.

Please join me in the bombarding of heaven's gates as we lift up Nattie before the throne of heaven. As another dear friend mentioned, Nattie is not a statistic and therefore we refuse to believe the scary "facts" about this type of cancer. Instead we're going to fight through prayer and we're going to have the faith that God can and WILL deliver our Nattie from this terrible and sucky disease.

We love you Nattie and we're praying.

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UKZoe said...

Praying and tagging you for 8 random things over t my blog.

Windy said...

Is this the same Nattie from W@H? Praying!