Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Belated Resurrection Day!

BUT! It's NOT belated!! We should celebrate Resurrection Day EVERY day...yes, I know we OFFICIALLY celebrated it almost 5 days ago, but it was a busy 5 days and that's my excuse...don't like it? Too bad. Heh

Our Easter was amazing. We celebrated our risen Lord with 215 in worship this weekend at our video plant while we had a total of 2,988 in worship at Tomoka. Many of our sister churches also celebrated amazing weekends this weekend. It's truly exciting to see God's hand at work in our community.

This also meant for an incredibly busy weekend. The EB (that would be the bunny) visited our house LATE Saturday night and left baskets for the boys to open at 5:00 Sunday morning. Yes, EB was up til the wee hours of the morning finishing up church stuff and then getting baskets ready. I'm thinking next year we may just bypass baskets all together. We normally don't do much anyway except for Summery type toys. With our boys birthdays being so close to Christmas they only really get gifts once a year, which I TOTALLY am not complaining about...BUT, they don't get yard toys b/c it's winter. We use Easter to prepare them for the summer. Shovels, pails, baseball T's, etc are the normal fare.

Sunday afternoon we came home and slept. Mike didn't sleep at ALL Saturday night so we all made up for it by sleeping the afternoon away and ended up being late for Easter Dinner at my mom and dad's. We ate a LOT and then watched a movie. It was a nice relaxing night.

OH! I forgot to mention a book I ordered for the boys that I included in their baskets. It's called The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. It is TRULY amazing. I saw this on Shannon's blog and ordered it right away so it would be here in time. We're reading a story a night and the boys LOVE IT!! It truly shows how the Bible (the OT especially) whispers the name of Christ in EVERY story. I can't recommend it enough!

Hmm...what else?

I am outgrowing my clothes. I finally had to wear a maternity shirt to church last night. I'm only 11 weeks along and I'm sticking out like I'm 4 months preggo! I've heard that the more kids you have the earlier you start showing, but this is crazy!! But...I'm loving it. I keep telling myself just a few more weeks and I should start feeling some twitters...I can't wait.

Our puppy is driving my batty! He keeps digging holes in our yard and under our fence into our neighbor's yard where he goes and steals their dogs' bones...sigh. He has PLENTY of toys and bones in his own yard...I think he's rebelling to us not being at home. Either way, we've limited him only to the porch when we're not home.

Our house is just about ready to be put on the market. I'll have to post some pics of how the yard looks. Hubby and I have worked our tails off ( he worked a BIT harder than I did) planting flowers and bushes, laying borders, mulching, etc and the yard looks GREAT! I just wish we hadn't waited until it was time to SELL to do all of this...heh. Now we just need to finish painting our bedroom and the hallway and then touchup the kitchen cabinets and steam clean our carpets. We're going to put our house on the market by the end of the week anyway...well, that's I guess tomorrow our house will be official :)


I'm excited about moving to Palm Coast, but I will miss our house. I truly love my house, but I know that God is going to bless us with something bigger. He's definiteyl keeping us on our toes.

Well, I think you've all been pretty much filled in on my week...heh...

Until next time! Peace, Love, and Worship \O/

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