Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogging Moms UNITE!

I just read a FANTASTIC post that talked about the community that moms have here on the net.

It's kinda funny, a few years ago I would think it strange and funny that people could meet and fall in love over the internet. Now, I see how easily I've made such wonderful friends from around the world, it makes internet romances a bit more realistic in my eyes. We aren't able to judge based on appearance, social status, race, or ethnicity...we can form opinions of people based on their minds, personalities, and their expression through words.

I have met some of the best women online. I would put a link in for my Women @ Home buddies but our board is down at the moment...sniff, sniff...I miss talking to you girls! So, feel free to leave me a comment to say hello and we'll talk once Bedky fixes the board :)

I also love that I can keep up with old friends. Friends from high school, college, or just from past ministries we've been involved in.


MichelleD said...

Sean and I "dated" for almost a year online before seeing each other in person. I mean, we had met through our families several years before (as 7th graders), but when we were in 11th grade we started talking online. I knew that we would get married, even though I couldn't remember exactly what he looked like!

I frequently say it was the best way to date because all we could do was talk!

Most of my friends are ones that I've met (or reconnected with) online. :)

Ruth said...

i agree!
its a wild

and i love it.