Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let's throw me a pity party

I'm tired...I'm not sure why. Maybe my iron's low (I'm anemic), maybe allergies, heat, who knows...I'm ready to quit my job. I think maybe that's part of my problem...

It's not that I hate my job, it's actually a rather enjoyable career. I make decent money, but if that's not what is important, then it's not quite as fulfilling, ya know?

I think what I hate about it is dropping my kids off at the sitters every morning. Calling my husband around 2 to see if he'll be home in time to get the boys. If not, then I have to call my mom and make sure she can pick them up. Then having to go over to her house and get them and find out second hand how their day went. I take no part in what my children do throughout the day and THAT really bothers me.

I'm ready to move on. Ready to do the job that God gave me. Yes, I do believe he put me in this company when we really needed to both be working. Yes, I know that I need to continue to work until God calls me AWAY from this job. AND HE HAS! BUT, he has called me to leave this job in the future...not right now. AND THAT is frustrating to me. I am NOT a patient person and maybe this is His point? Let's see if she can trust Me by waiting until I say it's okay??

Sigh...I just need to stop moping I guess and do what God has given me RIGHT NOW to do...


MichelleD said...

I have SO been there. I had to ask God to make it blatently clear when it was time for me to go. When they eliminated my position, I knew that it was God's timing. That was in August 2004, and I haven't worked a "regular" outside-the-home job since then (currently, I work part-time at a church, but I do everything from home except the actual events/programs).

When I got laid off, Sean was also out of work, but I knew God did not want me to look for another job...and that I'd actually be sinning if I did. Our families totally did not understand that, but now I look back and see how God has provided everything right when we needed it (even now!).

God's timing is perfect, and He won't let you stay there one more second than absolutely necessary for Him to do what He wants to do in you while you are there.

Twinkling for Jesus,

Zoe said...

Ohhhhh, (((((hugs))))) Hoping things change for the better soon.