Monday, July 24, 2006

I Need a Nap!!

So I made the big announcement last week to you all. Last night was spent filling out paperwork for a seminar we will be attending next month. We knew the paperwork consisted of several different personality tests as well as a Spiritual Gifts inventory, but we had NOOOO idea just how in depth the questionnaire was going to be.

It asked for our credit score, our debt, our views on MANY different doctrinal as well as preferential issues that are prevelant in the church right now. Mike and I were up until 2am finishing up the paperwork.

Did I mention Blake has been sick for most of the weekend? He started running a fever early yesterday morning and is at home with Mike today. Poor I'm not feeling very good. I've been drinking tea all day waiting for the girl I'm supposed to train. After I'm through with her I may try to sneak out early. I need a nap!!

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