Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where I've been :)

Sorry I haven't been around much...didn't I say that I would be around more? Haha...

I'm LOVING my job. It's really nice to work somewhere and feel appreciated for what you do...even the LITTLE things LOL...

The boys are adjusting well. I actually think that what I THOUGHT was a tough schedule is probably the most amazing schedule I've ever had for work. I'm home all day long and miss out on having to cook dinner for the family!! No more stressing over what to cook!! LOL! Ok...I LOVE to cook, so that part isn't all THAT fun for me, but I at least get to see my boys all day long and I can prepare meals ahead of time to make sure they're still not eating junk when Mike is home (MUST put in a plug that he is an amazing cook himself so I don't have TOO much room to worry here) :)

Ryley is reading up a storm. I swear this kid was holding out on me :) He's SUCH a smart boy and is doing great in all areas except listening (anyone who knows Ryley is giggling maddly here). We've been doing a bit of school during the summer and will go full fledged into a homeschooling set up next week to keep them fresh and to hopefully get them a head start in the new school year. Ryley loves Math and Science and was so excited to show me the volcano project he did with grandma while I was at work the other night :)

Blake is loving summer b/c he can go out and play with his friend (also named Blake) down the street. Any extra playtime is ALWAYS appreciated by him LOL. We're working on HIS high frequency words so that he's ready for kindergarten in the fall (OH.MY.WORD where did the time go?).

Jackson is growing like a weed!! He's already on solids (well, baby food...not steak yet) and had his first experience with cheerios the other day...he LOVES food!! He's weaned himself over the last few weeks which makes me sad, but also happy that he seems to be adjusting to me be gone more. I was mostly worried about how he would handle me going back to work, but he loves it :)

Mike is still part time with Lowe's. He really likes working there and has been promised a spot in their management training program in October once his 6 months are up. However, he has heard rumors that he may be going full time WAY before that (he heard by the end of June, but that's quickly approaching). We are praying that this comes SOON!!!!

We are digging ourselves out of the pit of creditors that we found ourselves in the past year. This is going to be a slow and tedious crawl out, but we know with God's providence that we can do it. He's provided all of the money up until now, I know that he will continue to provide for us...making our paychecks stretch as far as they can.

Anyway...this is our life right now...crazy as it is it's my life and I love it!!


Windy said...

This post makes me soooo happy!! You've been in my prayers and thoughts often!!!

Dan & Tammy said...

I am glad to hear that things are going well. I pray that they continue for you and that God will continue to provide for you. He is a good God!