Friday, September 07, 2007

Week 2: Day 1: Genesis 1:1-2:3 (Creation)

This week's readings are showing the WONDER of God. They also recommend listening or singing the recommended hymn of the day and I must say that I really enjoyed that part of it. Of course, being a musician, that is the way I express my wonder of God the best.

In Genesis 1:1-2:3 we read of God's Creation of the Earth.

I love reading the creation story and I think it very fitting that the hymn for the day is "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" I chose to write down the last verse as it tied in the most with the Scripture reading for me...

"Mortals join the mighty chorus
Which the morning stars began
Heaven's love is reigning over us
Brother love binds man to man.

Ever singing, march we onward
Victors in the midst of strife.
Joyful music lifts us sunward
In the triumph song of life."

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