Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Brother 8!! I have a bad reality tv habit every summer called Big Brother...heh

I have watched EVERY season of this show and I love it! CBS has created a widget for the show that you can find in my sidebar to get updates. I think CJ is probably the only friend I have that watches as religiously as I do, but that's okay...I promise you won't have to weed through TOO many blogs about it :)

The new HGs (Houseguests)seem REALLY interesting, but I was kind of disappointed they didn't have more of the "older" generations represented. I guess the oldest person would be Dick who we found out last night is one of the other HG's Danielle's father...he's also a club owner and looks a LOT like Tommy Lee IMO. So not the typical parental figure on the show.

They have added a new twist this season as is normal for BB producers. There is a play who is known as "America's Player" and Mike and I were excited when they introduced Nick as that player. America can call or email in things that he must do in the house and for every 5 things he does he wins $5,000. I've been reading some of the blogs this morning and they have said that he seems to really like the F-word, so THAT will get really old really quick...but he seems like a character so he should be fun to watch.

If you like BB be sure to leave me a comment so I know I'm not alone! ;)

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