Friday, March 16, 2007

And the rains came down!

Ugh...what a rough week. We finished out our week before payday with only $2 in the bank account...seriously. To top THAT off, we were in Palm Coast this weekend when our GOOD car (my beloved PT Cruiser) decided it was time to die. We THINK it's the transmission and Mike is at the Chrysler dealership right now working out the details with our warranty...please pray it's covered. We use this car as our mode of transportation as well as our office, our mobile church, our taxi, and everything in between. We're now down to our itty-bitty Corolla that has been OH SO faithful to us in the 8 years we've had it. Let this be my plug for Toyota! We love our Corolla!! BUT it's a bit too small for our growing family now.

You know...I'm figuring Satan out. He's used all of his weapons against us since planting this church...the spirit of confusion, frustration, anger, etc. He's caused issues to arise in our worship services, through volunteers, and even through confusion in leaving things at home (home being 45 minutes away from church so we can't just run home and get it). Through all of this we (I mean our church) have remained incredibly faithful to praying over EVERYTHING that God's Spirit would be evident...and oh MY has it! God is doing such amazing things through this group of people already. So Satan has moved on.

I see it as he has now moved from the public attack to a much more personal attack. From hitting our finances to hitting our car that has NEVER acted up before. He's hitting our finances because we have been faithfully tithing for a couple of years, but only this year have we been going WAY above our tithe to contribute to the capital campaign at Tomoka. He's hit our car b/c it's really our ONLY mode of transportation to Palm Coast. We can't fit all four of us as well as all of our "stuff" in the Corolla.

But see here's the thing. I have someONE...greater in me. My heavenly Father who is alive and living in me by means of his Spirit is why we are being attacked. Yes, God allowed for our bank account to NOT be replenished when I prayed for a check to appear to help us out, but guess what?? He allowed the gas we had in our car to make it to church and back at least 4 times when it normally wouldn't. I praise HIM that we didn't have to ask for help...He provided it! We ARE borrowing my dad's truck when we need it, but we had no money to put gas in it until yesterday. God is so amazingly good to us. And THAT is why Satan is attacking.

BUT! Satan will find here too that his schemes and deceptions don't work. He'll give up here as well. I just pray that we can have the patience of Job. No matter WHERE Satan attacks us, we WILL remain faithful. God is SO GOOD! We have money in the bank, the car is getting fixed and most likely won't cost us a cent, we're having another baby and I'm feeling great, our kids are happy...I could go on and on.

It is so important that we recognize the attacks of our really allows us to fully rely on God and HIS army to fight the battles for us. I can't imagine what life would be like without God on my side.

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