Monday, March 20, 2006

A 4 year old' thoughts on God...

My 4yo little boy has been very inquisitive about God lately. Last week we had a conversation that went something like this:

4yo: Mommy can I pray to God?
Me: Of course you can. You can pray to God whenever you want.
4yo: Dear God...thank you for my mommy, thank you for my car, thank you for the train tracks that let the train go past...

He went on and on praying for everything we passed while we were in the car. Just a good reminder for how it doesn't matter what it is we need to thank God for the little things.

Then yesterday my dh tells me that he had this conversation with the 4yo:

4yo: Daddy how does God turn off the lights?
DH: What lights?
4yo: The sun. Does God have a lightswitch?

If only things were so black and white in our world. Life would be SO much easier...

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